Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kitchel-Lindquist / Harold Hartger Dunes Preserve

Connie and Gerald Lindquist, Harold Hartger, and Marjorie Hendricks made it possible for us to take a walk through this 112 acre dunes preserve.

The Connie Lindquist Trail and Marjorie Hendricks Trail are both interpretive trails. There is a box at the trailhead with the brochures but it is typically empty. The city of Ferrysburg was kind enough to email me the brochures which I have posted here.

Connie Lindquist and Marjorie Hendricks Brochure
Marjorie Hendricks Brochure

I was also told next year they will do a better job of having the boxes full as well as create a trail map for the Harold Hartger Trail.

There is a parking lot on Berwyck St. Map


  1. I've lived within 3 miles of this trailhead my whole life and I don't believe I have ever seen brochures in the box. The trail has been steadily decaying and returning to it's natural state. The benches along the trail are still there but the trail is mostly grown over. The trail along Dewey Hill isn't well marked, but there are quite a few "pathways" on the hill and fortunately the visitors have been gentle on the area. It's one of my favorite places to hike locally.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    There is something to be said for untouched trails and and no other hikers. ;)
    It is fun to download the brochures and learn about the trees and shrubs in the area.
    Happy Hiking.

  3. I now look forward to seeing this on my own. Close to home and looks and sounds beautful