Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kitchel-Lindquist / Harold Hartger Dunes Preserve

Connie and Gerald Lindquist, Harold Hartger, and Marjorie Hendricks made it possible for us to take a walk through this 112 acre dunes preserve.

The Connie Lindquist Trail and Marjorie Hendricks Trail are both interpretive trails. There is a box at the trailhead with the brochures but it is typically empty. The city of Ferrysburg was kind enough to email me the brochures which I have posted here.

Connie Lindquist and Marjorie Hendricks Brochure
Marjorie Hendricks Brochure

I was also told next year they will do a better job of having the boxes full as well as create a trail map for the Harold Hartger Trail.

There is a parking lot on Berwyck St. Map