Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hidden Gem: Short hikes in your area

Hodenpyl Woods
2500 Robinson Rd. (North of Remington Park)
34.06 Acres

My friend, Lyn, just introduced me to a short secluded hike just minutes from where we work.  It seems like you are in the middle of the woods even though it is nestled in the middle of suburbia.

There are numbered and lettered posts scattered along the trail.
The numbered posts identify trees and bushes, and the lettered posts identify the wildflowers. Take this map and plant identification with you when you go for an educational .9 mile loop in the woods.
Hodenpyl Woods Trail Map
Plant Identification

We parked at Mayflower church on Robinson
and found a small trail off the road, but I believe
you can also leave your car at Remington Park.
"This area is home to numerous Eagle Scout projects.  This .9 mile loop is connected by several foot bridges and a floating bridge.  The trails are rustic and provide a wonderful and quiet experience with nature." -

Do some investigation around your home and work area.  You may find a hidden gem too.

Here is another link to check out:
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