Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hike In My Boots (Lacing Technique)

I just wanted to share a boot lacing technique that works well with boots that have closed metal eyelets over the foot and open hooks up the side.

Starting at your toe, comfortably snug up the laces going through the metal eyelets.  Do not make this area too tight and if your feet swell leave a little extra wiggle room.

Then make a VERY snug double or triple overhand loop (also known as the surgeon's knot). This locks off the top from the bottom and keeps your heel snug in the boot.  Keeping your heel in place will prevent sliding around which in turn prevents blisters and you won't bump your toes in the front of your boots when going down hills.

Now tighten the laces fairly tight going through the open hooks, if you feel it is slipping you can add a double overhand loop between these as well, however I do not. Another variation at this step is instead of going up and over the hooks the normal way... you can go down over the hooks.

Once you reach the top do another double or triple over handloop to keep the knot in place and tie a double knot bow.

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